“They Gave Us Breakfast and a Good Meal”

“They Gave Us Breakfast and a Good Meal”

Roles, Perceptions and Motivations of Water Point Area Mechanics in the Maintenance of Borehole Hand Pumps in Balaka District, Malawi

“In the rural areas of Malawi, water is accessed mostly through boreholes. The borehole and hand pump functionality concept is currently getting a central place in development agenda for the provision of affordable and safe water supply under the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Thoughts on Resilience

In a recent LinkedIn comment, Michael Burke, Chairman and CEO of AECOM talked about the importance of thinking about and planning for resilience in every project large or small. What does this mean for development work? We need to be thinking and talking about how to build resilience into all of our projects moving forward.

Read Mr. Burke’s opinion piece here.