Jacana’s Beekeeping Program, Chipata, Zambia

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Location – South Eastern Zambia, Chipata District

Activities – Realization of a honey supply chain for small scale beekeepers.

Period – 1 year, 2020-2021

Beneficiaries – Small scale low-income beekeepers from Eastern Province

Program Summary
Transform and Jacana realize that a lot can be changed in the beekeeping business. Many poor, small scale farmers in Chipata District call themselves beekeepers, but actually they are beehive keepers or honey hunters, and they lack the knowledge and skills to become a beekeeper.

There is a growing group of beekeepers who want to learn to improve their incomes and become advanced beekeepers. This group wants to organize themselves and start processing the honey and find a market for it. But they need help. They expect that the price per kg will be higher than selling it to the only commercial processor in Eastern Province.

In this project Transform and Jacana want to train more small scale farmers in beekeeping knowledge and skills, but also start a honey processing plant as an income generating activity.

The aim of this project is to establish a full honey supply chain, whereby poor farmers can become producers and achieve better life circumstances for themselves and their families. More and more beekeepers will change from “honey hunters” or “hive keepers” into experienced beekeepers, building a more reliable basic income.

Read the full proposal.


Entrepreneurs for Water & Water for Entrepreneurs (E4W & W4E)

  • E4W: the SMART Centre trains local entrepreneurs in making Simple, Market based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies (SMART), like rope pumps, EMAS pumps, manually drilled boreholes and ground water recharge systems. This creates a local supply chain and profit based sustainability of water infrastructure in the area. Apart from technical training, Jacana provides business training and guidance.
  • W4E: next to training Entrepreneurs for Water (E4W), the Jacana SMART Centre also trains and guides small scale entrepreneurs who use water to generate income (W4E). They produce products or services with the SMARTechs to serve their fellow community members. For example water vendors, car wash, vegetables, chicken or cattle farmers etc. Also this group will receive a business training and guidance.

Jacana Smart Centre, Zambia

Jacana Smart Centre, Zambia