The Transform Story

A group of seasoned and passionate WASH experts came together to form a new NGO operating internationally to provide support to local in-country centres, both existing and new. Our mission is to bring together skills and knowledge to build a network of strong in-country development transformation centres that grow to become self-sustaining.

Some Background

Great progress has been made globally to reduce extreme poverty, increase incomes, and improve health. By 2012, the number of people defined as living in extreme poverty was halved. “There are big opportunities to continue progress stemming from technological breakthroughs in energy, agriculture, and medicine; increased trade among emerging markets; and a much greater exchange of ideas. But there are also huge challenges, including population pressures, climate change, demand for resources, changing demographics, threats of disease, and tensions from the rise of China and India.”* It is critical that development transformation continues.

Building Development Transformation

Effective development – sustainable change – requires in-country ownership, capacity, and knowledge. Transform International believes in-country centres of excellence can help transform if they:

  • Undertake activities that reflect real community needs;
  • Keep abreast of technology developments – innovative, affordable options that can be adapted to meet local needs;
  • Focus on building local capacity through hands-on experiential learning and accessible information that inspires and engages;
  • Value good research and recognize the need to fully understand market systems, supply chains, and all stakeholders;
  • Are collaborative in approach, willing to partner and share information;
  • Think holistically: are aware of the work of others, and the potential of combined impact on development;
  • Provide equitable opportunities for women, men, and youth;
  • Always aim for professional, high quality work.

*Radelet, S. (2016). The War Against Global Poverty (Vol. Feb 8). Christian Science Monitor Weekly.


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