A vibrant global network of strong and viable organizations advancing inclusive, safe, and sustainable communities.


Connecting regional organizations to knowledge and resources so they can better effect change in their communities.

Our Values

“Fire in the Belly” – We work with partners who are actively working towards development goals in their own communities. They have “fire in the belly” for change and it’s that spark, or local drive, that we seek to support.

Knowledge – We believe that development efforts are advanced by constantly learning from projects, sharing lessons learned, and collaborating with others around the globe. We ensure that knowledge is put to practice.

A Long View of Development – Our local partnering organizations aren’t going anywhere. They are the community. Even small projects make a difference in the long-run because our partners are there to oversee, evaluate and monitor progress.

Demand Driven – Ownership of projects starts with our local partners and ends with our local partners. We only support efforts with partners that have a solid organizational presence and that are striving to improve.

Inclusive – We work with local partners, governments, businesses, secular and non-secular charitable organizations, schools and universities, and a variety of funding partners.

Our commitment – We are accountable, transparent and financially responsible. Our practices are rooted in evidence-based methodology. We are committed to enhancing and expanding the efforts of our partners by building on their strengths

Learn Results Based Management online for free

Learn Results Based Management online for free

Spur Canada offers free online Results Based Management course The online course takes a total of 3 hours. It is suggested you not spend more than 20 minutes at a time, in order to absorb the material. A certificate is available at the end. 

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